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Police brutality under investigation

Police brutality under investigation

Niël Terblanché


THE Namibian Police in the Kunene Region is investigating an alleged incident of police brutality after a woman, who interfered with officers while they were performing their duties, was slapped in the face.


The incident occurred in the Khorixas Police Station earlier this week while the officers on duty were busy processing a young man who was caught in the street after the 22:00 curfew hour rolled around.


Members of the Khorixas community are claiming that the young man is disabled and is unable to walk or speak properly. The young man was allegedly handcuffed and manhandled when he struggled to stand on his own feet.


A woman entered the back of the charge office and tried to intervene on behalf of the young man. She grabbed one of the officers and attempted to wrestle him away from the young man which resulted in her being slapped in the face.


The police officer that slapped the woman was called to one side by a senior officer while other members of the police removed the woman from the charge office.


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