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Hockey women secure place in the world cup

Hockey women secure place in the world cup

Niël Terblanché


THE MTC Namibia Senior Women’s Hockey team booked the place in the Indoor World Cup in Belgium in 2022 by beating the South African national team with two goals to nil in the final match of the Indoor Africa Cup.


Although the Namibians lost their first match against the South Africans their victory in the second match not only ensured their place in the world cup but also made them the champions of the tournament held in Durban over the past three days.


The Namibians also played against the national team of Botswana and good victories in those matches assured them of the championship and an opportunity to represent Africa in the world cup.


The men’s team did not have the same luck and had to bend the knee to the South Africans in their final match.


The World Cup will take place in 2022, Antwerp in Belgium.


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