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Family feud ends in snakebite

Family feud ends in snakebite

Placido Hilukilwa


SQUABBLING between two adult siblings, coupled with late police intervention, ended in a snakebite of one of the siblings in the Okandjengedi informal settlement of Oshakati late Wednesday evening.


Priscila Haindongo (42) was bitten by a snake when she was offered accommodation in a neighbouring house after the police failed to attend to her request for protection against a brother who is six years her junior.


Priscila and her brother, Hangula (36), have been the only occupants of a house in Okandjengedi since their elder sister – the original owner of the house – passed away in 2003.


However, except for their blood relationship, there was never any feelings of respect or affection between the two.


Neighbours have alleged that the two siblings quarrel a lot mostly during nighttime.


Family feud ends snakebite police intervention Okandjengedi informal settlement Oshakati
BITTEN BY SNAKE: Priscilla Haindongo as she arrived home from hospital this morning. Photo: Placido Hilukilwa.


Priscila says that the blame rests squarely on Hangula’s shoulders.


“He leaves early in the morning claiming to go to work, but in reality he spends the day drinking alcohol at various cuca shops and comes back home very late in the evening and then starts troubling me. He insulted and threatened me again last night. Fearing for my life, I contacted the police and walked out of the house and went to stand at a street corner where I was swarmed by mosquitoes while waiting for the police to arrive. However, the police kept coming up with excuses as to why they could not immediately attend to my plea for help. They eventually advised me to find a night’s accommodation at any neighbouring house, which I did,” she said.


A neighbour allocated her a room, but she was suddenly bitten by a venomous snake as she settled down for a night’s sleep.


She was bitten on her left ring finger, screamed and groaned and the house-dwellers rushed to her room, applied first aid and killed the snake.


Immediately after, a police van arrived and transported her to the hospital.


She was discharged and returned home Thursday morning.


“Our extended family has now taken an irreversible decision that Hangula must vacate the house and go find accommodation elsewhere,” said Priscila.


Hangula could not be reached for comment.


“He left very early in the morning,” said a neighbour.


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