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The water has subsided

The water has subsided

Placido Hilukilwa


OSHAKATI residents’ fear of widespread flooding has ceased to exist, for now, following a respite from the rain in parts that form the Cuvelai drainage system.


Water is still flowing in from areas north of Oshakati and sections of the town’s informal settlements, such as Oshoopala, are flooded and the inhabitants have relocated to other parts of the town where they are either accommodated by friends and relatives or have moved into rental rooms.


Oshoopala resident, Nghituwamhata Joseph, said that many of his neighbours’ houses are flooded and the owners have moved to other parts of the location. Some are temporarily renting rooms in a partly dilapidated complex located on high ground a few yards away, he said.
But the volume of the water is now subsiding.


Despite the inconvenience of flooding, the “many waters” are heartily welcomed by opportunistic fishers who have already started catching the fish that currently populate the floodplains, not only for their own consumption but also for the informal market.


However, the car-washers are on the losing end. Many vehicle owners no longer patronize the car-washing businesses, opting instead to wash their own vehicles using the water that is freely available in every oshana.

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