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Keep Democratic Reality in Check

Keep Democratic Reality in Check

By Chris Jacobie


NAMIBIANS are losing interest in politics because instant, failed and social media politicians are destroying their own credibility and reputation through infighting, factionalism, and ego-addiction.


What Namibia is experiencing is not a multiparty democracy but a “multi- Swapocracy” in Parliament and regional- and local government.


To pretend otherwise is not unwise but ignorant.


Unfortunately, social media does not possess a memory, but Swapo only had 57% support with the UN-elections of 1989, and now after all the trials and tribulations and breakaways still has a comfortable 64% majority. If anything is under threat it is the opposition and especially the official opposition (PDM) that was decimated in the last election.


Keep Democratic Reality Check politics social media politicians credibility


The president of the DTA received nearly 100 000 votes less than his party in the National Assembly elections. McHenry Venaani can choose whether it is the 100 000 PDM voters that rejected him or the 100 000 Ithula voters that voted PDM in the absence of an IPC.


The reason is simple: The Namibian Constitution was born from the Swapo Constitution and to undermine Swapo without undermining the Constitution is impossible. An engineered democracy and nominated members of two previous presidents compromised the best leaders from communities, but it can be corrected by all parties.


For now, lawmakers have become lawbreakers and the temporary discipline that is observed in parliament is not because of rules, but because of a threat of legal action.


The composition of the National Assembly exposes deep constitutional and democratic fault lines.


Chaos and disrespect is a mirror image of the insults via social media platforms and fake news created by fake analysts and fake commentators.


The result is a fake world.


What has become more than evident is that the National Assembly has turned into a gathering of political parties of which the opposition parties are nothing other than five smaller Swapo breakaway parties, comprising APP, COD, LPM, NEFF, and RDP.


Prominent and influential Swapo Youth Leaders like Shixwameni, Swartbooi, Ithula, and the Mayor of Windhoek, Job Amupanda, are the result of unresolved infighting that could have been addressed by party structures.


There is not much difference in keeping on bailing out failed state-owned enterprises or keeping failed party hoppers alive.


The unique Namibian brand of democracy is collapsing under the weight of a lack of leadership credibility and a lack of enforcing discipline in nearly all political parties. They are at each other’s throats and are in the courts because they do not trust their own party decisions.


The PDM is spending millions on a court case about their candidate list with six members waiting to replace six other sitting members.


Namibians are sick and tired of politics and have been disappointed enough by “change” that is promised but is never “delivered”.


Namibia has a multiparty opposition, but no alternative or shadow government. The AR-candidate, Job Amupanda, is the mayor of Windhoek and deserves the title because he is the product of a coalition.


What is worrying and should worry the mayor is that there is no coalition agreement, because his partners don’t talk to each other and if they do, neither the citizens nor the mayor knows what they are talking about.


Swapo does not only have a responsibility to itself and its supporters but by virtue of the constitutional obligation and the party President, Dr. Hage Geingob, as Constitutional Chairman and protector of even the rights of those who deny him his rights, Swapo has a special responsibility towards all peace-loving people and democrats on the continent and the free world.


It should not be forgotten that the most revered Namibian and Founding father, Dr. Sam Nujoma, was demonized and the most hated in the first seven years of Independence and the extension of a Third Term was “described as the ideas of dictators and the first steps to a lifelong presidency.”


Swapo leaders with the current President, Dr. Hage Geingob, stood firm because like now Namibia cannot afford a weak Swapo and weak leadership. It served peace well.


It is equally wrong to believe that the character assassination and political assault against the President, Dr. Hage Geingob, is against him.


It is nothing but an attempt of political botjotjos who want to deny him the right which his predecessors had, to groom and choose their own successor, but want to pull the teeth of the future president so that the party can rule separately for their personal pleasure.


Namibians should not be seduced by make-believe, but must believe in themselves and their inter-dependence which is their invisible bond and their Constitutional obligation, and which is the sacred trust.


We are, because Namibia’s ancestors prevailed.


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