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Kunene Region received good rains

Kunene Region received good rains

Marthina Mutanga


DESPITE good rains for the past few days, the effects of the searing drought in the Kunene Region that forced some farmers to drive their cattle out to other regions will still be felt for some time to come.


The Kunene Regional Governor, Marius Sheya said that the region has received good rains over the weekend. He said that some of the worst drought-affected parts in the region also had some good downpours.


Sheya said that the region is still impacted by drought as the growth of new plant life will take some time.


Kunene Region good rains effects drought farmers


He said the government along with his office will continue to engage farmers unions, communities, and more recently the various traditional authorities, to mitigate the effect of the drought.


“Visits and assessments are carried out in all areas to better plan and implement short-, medium-, and long-term interventions,” he said.


Sheya noted that the distribution of drought aid and fodders has been halted because some rivers started flowing and making access by road a challenge. He added that a shortage of trucks has also delayed the distribution process.


According to the Namibia Meteorological Service, the north-western, central-north, central, southern and eastern regions, will continue to receive heavy rainfall with flash floods in some places.


In this regard, the Regional governor warned all motorists and residents to be cautious and not to cross flowing rivers that have as more rain has been predicted for the region.


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