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Good rains will continue in the North

Good rains will continue in the North

Niël Terblanché & Nathanael Heita


THE Independence long weekend brought with it an abundance of rain that raised the hope of many people who feared that they might experience widespread crop failures.


Besides crop failure, many communal farmers are still struggling to increase the numbers of their livestock after the searing drought of 2019.


Good rains fell over Ongha, Ondeihaluka, Ohalushu, Onekwaya, Oshali, Onhuno, Okatope and many other villages in the Ohangwena Region over the past long weekend.



The oshanas in large parts of the North are also full while the water level continues to increase in the floodplains as a result of good rains over the central part of southern Angola over the past week.


A young farmer, Johaness Manguluka said hard work will bear good results along with the good rains that fell recently.


“The rain that fell is sufficient for all of us. All we need to do is put in the work to bring in a good harvest,” he said.


In the meantime, the Namibia Meteorological Service indicated that more rain can be expected over the North today.


Residents of the interior of Namibia can expect partly cloudy and hot weather conditions in the south, while elsewhere partly cloudy and warm to hot weather will occur.


Isolated and scattered thundershowers will continue to occur over the northern half of the country.


According to the meteorological service, coastal residents can expect partly cloudy and cool to warm weather conditions with fog patches in the morning.


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