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War veterans demand more benefits

War veterans demand more benefits

Staff Reporter


THE hall of the Uukwambi Traditional Authority at Uukwangula village outside Oshakati was packed to capacity when defense and veterans’ affairs deputy minister, Hilma Nikanor arrived there Friday to address veterans of the liberation struggle.


However, Nikanor refused to address such a big gathering that was clearly in violation of current regulations that limit gatherings to 50 people only.


Hundreds of veterans were ordered, but refused, to leave the venue, creating a disorder that required the intervention of the Namibian Police.


VETERANS DEMANDING: The late Peter Nanyemba, who was Swapo’s secretary of defense. Video for illustration purposes only.


Veterans of the liberation struggle who, by law, are already enjoying exclusive benefits, are demanding more benefits saying that what the Government has done for them is not enough.


They are unhappy about the in-kind amount of N$200 000 earmarked for each veteran in the form of ‘project funding’.
They are demanding that the money be given to them in cash.


Some complained that they applied for veteran status as far back as ten years ago, but their applications were not yet processed.


Nikanor reassured the veterans that the government is still committed to the wellbeing of veterans.


Meanwhile, there is an increased number of members of the public who are murmuring about war veterans who keep demanding that government give them more and more benefits.


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