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Farmers should invest more in food production

Farmers should invest more in food production

Marthina Mutanga


THE Governor together with the Chairperson of the Otjozondjupa Regional Council and Agro-Marketing and Trade Agency (AMTA) kicked-off the Otjozondjupa regional visit in Okandjira of Ovitoto in the Omatako Constituency to engage farmers and key stakeholders in the horticulture and poultry production sector.


Otjozondjupa Governor James Uerikua says his office is committed to advocating food sustainably to generate food at a productivity level that is enough to maintain the human population and to add to the economy of the country.


Uerikua said that the Otjozondjupa Region has a lot of people who are selling food near the roadside and these people don’t have a place to sit and sell their product.



“We are trying to introduce AMTA to farmers in Otjozondjupa region so that they can produce their own food in the future and actions that may affect the sustainable future of the food supply chain, including diet, obesity, food miles, food waste, and genetically modified organisms, “Uerikua noted.


AMTA is a newly established agency under the Ministry of Agriculture, Water, and Forestry (MAWF) responsible for the management of Fresh Produce Business Hubs (FPBH) and National Strategic Food Reserve (NSFR) facilities, ensuring high-quality standards to achieve food security.


According to Uerikua, they have approached AMTA and ask if they can accompany them to educate farmers on national and household food security, with improved nutrition. Fresh produce is particularly important for improved nutrition for our people.


The development of the value chain of the horticultural subsector has however lagged behind, so much so that the marketing and distribution activities of horticultural produce have to a large extent been driven from outside Namibia.


This situation is not tenable if we are to achieve the vision 2030 objective of industrialization, national and household food security, with improved nutrition.


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