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Burglars target Ondangwa’s Extention 13

Burglars target Ondangwa’s Extention 13

Nathanael Heita


RESIDENTS of Ondangwa’s newly established Extention 13 residential area, are complaining about increasing incidents of housebreaking and theft, with criminals breaking into houses day and night even when house owners are inside.


A resident, Tuutileni Naukushu, said that burglars broke into his house while he was fast asleep.


He was awakened by the thieves’ movements. He screamed and the criminals fled without stealing anything.


Burglars target Ondangwa Extention Extention 13 residential criminals housebreaking


But his neighbours were not that lucky.


Several houses were broken into while the occupants were away and the burglars managed to steal several television sets, stoves, laptops, and many other valuable items.


“We are being targeted by thieves and we have now decided to come together to form a neighbourhood watch to protect our property,” said Naukushu.


He said that they have already approached the local police station to provide them with guidance.


Oshana region police spokesperson, Thomas Aiyambo confirmed the crime problem at Ondangwa’s Extention 13 and encouraged residents to report every incident to the police.


According to Aiyambo, there are instances where the police recover goods that they suspect to be stolen, but the owners never reported the theft.


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