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Witchdoctor’s school visit angers parents

Witchdoctor’s school visit angers parents

Placido Hilukilwa


THE Ekundu Combined School in the Okalongo constituency of the Omusati Region was thrown into turmoil after a witchdoctor paid a visit to the school for a yet unknown reason.


Angry parents attempted to close the school until such time that their demands to dismiss the staff member that was accompanied by a witchdoctor on his first day of employment, are met.


They handed over a petition demanding the dismissal – or transference – of a certain teacher whom they accuse of having brought a witchdoctor to the school to perform rituals for reasons that remain a mystery.


Witchdoctor school visit angers parents Ekundu Combined School Okalongo Omusati Region
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“Initially, the parents wanted to close the school but eventually settled for locking the teacher’s classroom only. They handed over a petition and then dispersed as it was raining continually,” said one of the teachers at the school.


It is alleged that sometime last year, a certain temporary teacher arrived at the school accompanied by a witchdoctor, but the exact reason for the witchdoctor’s brief presence at the school was never disclosed.
Parents allege that the matter was reported to the relevant education authorities and that the matter was investigated but no action was taken.


To their surprise, when the teacher’s temporary appointment reached its end date, that same teacher was re-appointed, now on a fixed-term contract.


A senior official at the Okalongo Circuit Inspector’s office confirmed receipt of the petition but refused to provide more details, limiting himself to saying that he was in the process of forwarding it to the Regional Directorate at Outapi.


The teacher could not be reached for comment.


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