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More people receive land certificates

More people receive land certificates

Maria David


CUSTOMARY Land Rights certificates numbering 4 331 exiting were issued and registered from 2018 to 2021 by members of the outgoing Communal Land Board.


The Minister of Agriculture, Water, and Land Reform, Calle Schlettwein said that the board was also able to issue and register 9 823 new Customary Land Rights certificates, while 494 were issued with leaseholds rights.


Moreover, Schlettwein indicated that 110 certificates of land occupational rights were issued and the board was able to transfer 327 land rights and issued land rights certificates.


people receive land certificates Rights certificates Communal Land Board


“Currently there are 198 cases of land-related disputes that were resolved and 4 illegal fences in communal areas were removed,” he said.


Schlettwein noted that during the same period, a total of 46 judgements were delivered in appeal cases against the boards’ decisions.


He indicated that although great achievements were recorded over the last three years, there is still an outstanding number of 30 007 applications, for both Existing Customary Land Rights and New Customary Land Rights that need to be registered and issued with Land Rights Certificates to the land rights holders.


Schlettwein appealed to the new members, to develop a target-orientated strategy that will complete the registration of all outstanding applications in their respective regions, especially for existing customary land rights.


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