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Hospital car guards share love and comfort with visitors

Hospital car guards share love and comfort with visitors

Samuel N. Shinedhima


AFTER many people received bursts of love, patience, and kindness from car guards at the Lady Pohamba Hospital, Informanté went on a mission to witness this rare sight.


While looking for parking on a sunny Monday afternoon, this man, who identified himself as Kapolo Simson welcomed the team to the premises with humour and entertainment.


His friendliness and sense of compassion remind us of the old African proverb “I am because you are”.



During an interview on his work ethics, the 26-year-old man from the north had this to say:


“I started here in January 2019. I first worked at the back, but the manager was impressed with my work ethic and moved me to the front of the hospital to welcome visitor and give them special treatment. I then started working at the hospital on a full-time basis as a security guard. The manager encouraged me to dedicate my full time to car guarding and to entertain arrivals so as to lighten their moods. Some people visit the hospital in poor health and we are here to cheer them up. After doing this for some time, we received positive feedback from the hospital personnel that the security guards are doing a marvellous job. When those reports came out, my colleague, Simson Tuhafeni and I were recommended. The manager said that the two of us are doing a good job and that we must keep it up. The feedback encouraged us and we have been doing this since last year. When I serve a client with a parking spot and cheer them up, some come out of their cars and tap us on the shoulders to show their appreciation,” he said.
He added that it really feels good to put a smile on someone’s face.


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