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Drought donations urgently needed in Kunene

Drought donations urgently needed in Kunene

Marthina Mutanga


THE disaster risk management committee of the central government has started to deliver animal feed to farmers in the Kunene region to assist them in keeping their animals alive.


The Kunene Region is still struggling with a severe drought situation despite the fact that most of Namibia received good rainfall since the beginning of the year.


Governor of Kunene Region Marius Sheya said that five constituencies are affected. He pointed out that the Epupa, Sesfontien, Khorixas, Opuwo Urban, and Opuwo rural constituencies have not received any rain for the past six years.


Drought donations Kunene disaster risk management animal feed farmers
EMERGENCY AID: Bales of grass at a depot in the Kunene Region that will be redistributed to farmers struggling to survive in the severe drought that still persists in their area.


Sheya said that the region is hard hit and has called on the government and the private sector to assist where they can. He pointed out that many people are living in a bad situation because they have left their farms and homes to find better grazing.


“We have given the people some water tanks and food to sustain themselves for the time being and they have received N$440 bailout from the disaster risk management body,” he said.


He added that the people and animals such as goats and sheep are unable to withstand the prevailing drought. He said that the drought has caused massive losses over the past six to seven years.


The situation is so dire that families have now flocked to the outskirts of Opuwo, which is the nearest urban centre in the area, in order to survive because many of the framers lost everything they owned and all of their livestock.



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