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High operation costs closing abattoirs

High operation costs closing abattoirs

Maria David


THE Outapi and Eenhana abattoirs, under the management of the Namibia National Liberation Veterans’ Association (NNLVA), have closed down over the past two years due to financial constraints and high operation costs.


President of the NNLVA, Commissioner Ben Shikovelo Shikongo revealed this to veterans of the national liberation struggle and members of the association during a meeting held at Uukwangula in the Oshana Region’s Okatana Constituency on Saturday.


The NNLVA in 2012 won a 10-year tender from the Ministry of Agriculture,
Water and Forestry to run the two abattoirs, with the Outapi abattoir inaugurated for operation in 2018 and Eenhana abattoir was constructed in 2019 and operated only for a few months afterward.


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TOO COSTLY: War Veterans were forced to close down two abattoirs in Omusati and Ohangwena regions. – Photo by Maria David


Shikongo told the gathering veterans that the NNLVA receives financial support of only N$1 million from the government per year, which he said is not sufficient for its operation and to sustain the running costs of the two abattoirs.


“Severe drought situation in 2019 resulted in poor to no supply of livestock for slaughtering at the abattoirs as local farmers have become hesitant to destock due to the reason that many of their cattle perished during the course of drought,” Shikongo narrated.


He noted that despite no slaughtering at the abattoirs due to shortage of producers of livestock and high maintenance cost of the facilities, especially in terms of the monthly service fee, electricity, and water issues, the association continued to difficultly foot the bill.


Shingo explained that the abattoirs have to close down as the NNLVA received no external funding or loan to operate them and no enabling market environment could be created by the line ministries for the association to generate needed funds and to start sustaining itself.


The NNLVA per month incurred over N$30 000 in service fees, N$58 000 for electricity supply, and some N$15 000 for water consumption by running the two loss-making abattoirs.


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