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St. Boniface cleared of malpractice

St. Boniface cleared of malpractice

Zorena Jantze


THE Executive Director of the ministry of education, arts and culture, Sanet Steenkamp has stated that there was no examination malpractice at the St Boniface College following investigations into the school after irregularities were found in examination results.


The Kavango East-based St Boniface College continued its good run, with the school once again dominating the top of the Namibia Senior Secondary Certificate (NSSC) ordinary and higher level performances this year.


Steenkamp stated that during the marking, markers found similarities in the responses of the candidates, which resulted in red flags being raised.
She added thus an investigation team was sent to St Boniface and it was established in the investigation that the ministry is satisfied with the findings of the report.


St. Boniface cleared malpractice Executive Director ministry education arts culture Sanet Steenkamp examination malpractice College investigations school
Pictured: Executive Director of the ministry of education, arts and culture, Sanet Steenkamp. Photo: File


“We’ve established that the teachers provided notes to the candidates and memorized these notes as-is. Malpractices can happen when examination regulation guidelines are not followed as should be for example when writing an exam. We found that this happens mainly in part-time students when someone else enters with a fake ID and writes an exam on behalf of another person, or the opening of question papers beforehand. In the case of St. Boniface, we only found that learners wrote the same answers, however after our investigations we were satisfied that there was no malpractice,” Steemkamp said.


She further explained that in cases where learners got access to question papers and intentionally shared it with someone, punitive action is always taken, and learners will not receive their results and the teacher will be held accountable.


“There are clear grievances processes that we follow in holding learners and teachers accountable. We are extremely careful as it is the credibility of our examinations that we are protecting,” Steenkamp concluded.


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