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Cattle theft decimating Kunene farmers

Cattle theft decimating Kunene farmers

Marthina Mutanga


FARMERS are tired of continuous incidents of stock theft that have become a frequent occurrence in the Kunene Region.


The owner of Farm Karachas in the Outjo district, Freddy Puriza said they know the person, who is stealing and slaughtering their cattle but the suspect, when arrested, only continue with his crimes after receiving bail.


The Commander of the Namibian Police in the Kunene Region, Commissioner James Nderura confirmed that another case of stock theft is being investigated that occurred at Farm Kharachas on Wednesday.
During the latest incident, two heads of cattle were butchered in the bushes by the stock thieves.



Commissioner Nderura noted said that some of the stolen meat, with a value of N$2 900 has been recovered and that one suspect was arrested by the farm owners that tracked him down to his hiding place by running on his footprints.


According to Commissioner Nderura, the 34-year-old Pengo Perris Kandjimi was arrested while two other suspects managed to evade arrest.
Kandjimi is out on bail and has three other cases of stock theft pending against him. One of the old cases was registered in Otjiwarongo and the other two in Outjo.


“I am currently driving to Outjo to find out why this man received bail and to make sure that he does not receive bail again. He must remain in custody,” Nderura said.


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