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Zambezi, Orange flood alert as rivers continue to rise

Zambezi, Orange flood alert as rivers continue to rise

Marthina Mutanga

THE Zambezi River at Katima Mulilo and the Lower Orange River at Blouputs are continuing to rise rapidly.


The Zambezi River started overflowing its banks and water is pushing in the eastern Zambezi floodplains of Namibia, with recordings this morning showing 5.58m.


Hydrological Services has therefore issued a flood alert and readiness is advised for the eastern Zambezi floodplains.


Zambezi Orange flood alert rivers River Katima Mulilo Lower Blouputs
RISKY: Readiness is advised for the eastern Zambezi floodplains: Photo: Red Cross


Flow in the Orange River has further dropped to 1,492 m3/s, which translates to 2.89m, however, flow remains high on the Lower Orange River due to good rainfall received in the upper catchment, which resulted in spillage and releases from upstream dams.


According to Hydrological Services, people along the Lower Orange River are also warned to be on the lookout for rising water levels and are advised to be on high alert for possible flood risk and take the necessary precautionary measures.


The Hydrological Services this morning noted that contingency planning for flood mitigation and recovery must be updated, upgraded and activated for all flood prone regions in anticipation of the forecasted heavy rainfall during this rainy season.


The Vaal dam’s level dropped to 102.5% this morning and releases have been adjusted 250.7 m3/s.


Bloemhof dam level reduced to 104.0%, with releases adjusted to 500 m3/s.


Vanderkloof dam’s level decreased to 104.7% this morning and was spilling 347 m3/s.


Flows in the Kunene and Okavango rivers remain low during this time of the year.


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