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Police confiscate drugs worth more than N$1 million

Police confiscate drugs worth more than N$1 million

Niël Terblanché


DRUG law enforcement operations in the Erongo Region over the past week have led to the arrest of eight more drug dealers and the confiscation of contraband in excess of N$1 million.


According to the arrest reports provided by the Erongo Regional Crime Investigations Coordinator, Deputy Commissioner Erastus Iikuyu, illicit drugs such as dagga, Mandrax, cocaine powder and crack cocaine was confiscated during the focussed operations by members of the Drug Law Enforcement Sub Division (DLESD) since the beginning of last week.


The arrests included that of two men, aged 45 and 65, in Omaruru after the officers on Friday found 22 cannabis plants in their house in Omaruru. The plants were weighed and the value of it was determined to be N$149 450


The suspects are facing charges of cultivating cannabis and will appear in the Omaruru Magistrate’s Court on Monday.


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In another incident in Swakopmund on Wednesday, officers apprehended a suspect that was found in possession of 88 grams of cocaine powder, a half-moon of crack cocaine, and 20 tablets of mandrax. The officers also discovered 5 635 grams of cannabis in the warehouse.


According to the arrest report the man claimed to be a refugee from Burundi and a resident of the Osire Refugee camp when he was arrested.


The illicit drugs were found in a warehouse in Einstein Street and the value of the contraband is estimated to be N$340 550.


Another resident of the Osire Refugee camp was arrested in Swakopmund on Wednesday last week when police found 22 grams of dagga in his possession.


Another large consignment of dagga was confiscated by arresting officers when they apprehended a 41-year-old suspect at a house in the Saamstaan location of Usakos during an operation last Wednesday.


Officers also found an unlicensed firearm on the premises and besides being charged with possession and dealing in illicit drugs the suspect also faces a charge of being in possession of an unlicensed firearm.


Arresting officers confiscated 18 parcels of dagga, 21 smaller packages of low-quality dagga, 18 bankies of skunk, a very high-quality cannabis variant.


The 4 395 grams of dagga is estimated to be worth N$45 550. The illegal firearm was also confiscated.


By the arresting officers in Walvis Bay when they arrested a 28-year-old man at a house in Omuthiya Street in Kuisbemond after they found 180 grams of dagga in his possession.


The value of the illicit drug is estimated to be N$9 000.


Arresting officers in Swakopmund confiscated N$425 000 worth of dagga when they arrested a 30-year-old man at a house in Mossie Avenue in the Tamariskia residential area last Monday.


According to the report, the suspect had five medium and seven large parcels of dagga weighing a total of 8 500 grams in his possession when he was apprehended.


An investigation into drug use at the Walvis Bay Correctional facility led to the arrest of a 23-year-old suspect that attempted to smuggle 45 pieces of crack cocaine and ten grams of loose dagga mixed with tobacco to inmates inside.


The value of the contraband is set at N$5 000 and the suspect faces charges of possession and dealing in illicit drugs.


Over the past weekend, three more people were arrested during the continued operation of the DLESD officers to eradicate drugs from the various communities of the Erongo Region.


An 18-year-old boy was arrested at a house in Moses Garoeb Street in Walvis Bay on Saturday after he was found in possession of 20 grams of dagga known as skunk. The suspect also had 11 hand-rolled cigarettes containing a mix of dagga and tobacco in his possession.


The value of the drug confiscated by the arresting officers is N$1 000.


In Swakopmund, the officers arrested a 42-year-old suspect that 35 grams of dagga in his possession. The value of the weed is set at N$1 750.


A second suspect was arrested in the DRC informal settlement area of Swakopmund after officers found one gram of dagga worth N$50 in his possession.


The 36-year-old suspect along with the other suspects arrested over the weekend will all make their first appearances on charges of possession and dealing in illicit drugs in the various Magistrates’ Courts on Monday.


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