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Farmers should move away from San areas

Farmers should move away from San areas

Marthina Mutanga


THE San People of Namibia have been marginalised further after cattle farmers started to encroach on their traditional way of land and what little land they have left to sustain themselves by hunting and gathering.


The Governor of the Otjozondjupa Region, James Unomasa Uerikua earlier this week convened meetings in this regard with the various heads of government departments and traditional leaders in Tsumkwe and Gam settlements.


During the meetings, Uerikua noted that they have established a committee that will look at ways to relocate livestock farmers that started flocking to the Tsumkwe settlement to more suitable grazing areas.


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According to Uerikua, most farmers in and around the San People’s settlements are returnees from Botswana who were been relocated to an area surrounding Gam. These farmers, however, started to encroach on the area surrounding Tsumkwe about ten years ago as a result of some challenges they initially experienced.


The Governor stated that the Otjozondjupa Region with its vast open spaces has enough opportunities for all its residents and that there is no good reason for the relocation project to fail.


“All public officials should remain dedicated to their work and exercise good governance principles,” he said.


He said that the key to the success of the relocation of encroaching farmers is the timely and consistent delivery of necessary services.


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