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Scammers continue defrauding NaTIS clients

Scammers continue defrauding NaTIS clients

Staff Reporter


DESPERATE people who are registering to go and write their learner’s license are falling into the hands of scammers at Natis.


The scammer, who claims to be one of the employees of NaTIS, last week contacted at least five unsuspecting victims known to Informanté.


The scammer is demanding money in the range of N$2500 to N$ 3000 in exchange for issuing driver’s and learner driver’s licenses, without having to undergo a test.


Although caller ID has identified the suspect as working for Natis, it is unclear whether or not she works for Natis. The suspect’s profile picture also contains a picture of a woman dressed in the Roads Authority regalia. It was established that indeed, the woman in the picture works for Natis at the counter. The woman however denies being responsible for scamming people. Whether or not it is a case of stolen identity, it is unclear.


Scammers defrauding NaTIS clients write learner license


“Yes I confirm that is me in the picture but I am not the person doing these scams. It is possible that this person took a picture of me while I was busy addressing clients, posted it on their profile, and made it seem like a legit Whatsapp account. Our rules are very clear. We advise our clients to never make any payments unless it is at a Natis counter, inside our premises,” she said.


Roads Authority Spokesperson, Constance Mwilima has also refuted claims that Natis employees are at the forefront of these scams, adding that no Roads Authority employee has ever been implicated in such scams.


“Investigations always led to seasoned criminals lurking around Natis offices with intentions to defraud unsuspecting victims,” Mwilima said.


The Road Authority is aware of criminals pretending to be RA employees targeting our clients at NaTIS centres.


The Road Authority denied that the fraudsters are by any means linked to any of their offices but rather criminals lurking around NaTIS offices with the intention to swindle people.


In fact, despite promising to give clients the documentations, those who engage these fraudsters always end up losing their money. Many of the victims only approach our offices to report the incident after they realized that they have been scammed and lost their money in the process.


It should also be mentioned here that the RA has over the years carried out various awareness campaigns to educate the public about fraudsters and scammers targeting NaTIS.


If a fraudster approaches a member of the public, the public is advised to report the matter on the institution’s fraud line at 081 91847 (MTC) or 0800 309231 (TN Mobile).


She lastly noted that investigations were carried out, and denied that no RA employee has ever been implicated. The Investigations always led to seasoned criminals lurking around NaTIS offices, with intentions to defraud unsuspecting victims.

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