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Namibian peacekeepers return from Dafur

Namibian peacekeepers return from Dafur

Staff Reporter


FOURTEEN Namibian peacekeepers have returned home after a successful two year and one-month tour of serving as the Namibian Police Force contingent to the United Nations -African Union hybrid mission in Darfur.


The Inspector-General of the Namibian Police, Lieutenant General Sebastian Ndeitunga welcomed the officers upon their return and commended them for having been strong and persistent until the end of their mission.


Namibian peacekeepers Dafur Namibian peacekeepers home Police Force
WELCOME HOME: Major General Oscar P. Embubulu welcomed 14 peacekeepers when they returned to Windhoek. – Photo: Courtesy of NamPol


Ndeitunga further briefed the officers on the situation in Namibia, adding that the unprecedented outbreak or threat of COVID-19 has intensified in the country.


“As a result, we as law enforcement are required to be on the frontline to oversee the enforcement of some regulations, just to mitigate the spread of the virus in our society. Hence be ready to join your fellow colleagues in performing same and also in the fight against crime in general,” Ndeitunga stated.


He added that the officers’ redeployment afterward will be well-coordinated, to ensure that the Namibian police force benefits from the new skills and knowledge acquired from the international exposure.


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