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Elderly woman transforms bushy area into beautiful garden

Elderly woman transforms bushy area into beautiful garden

Maria David


EVERYONE should take pride in their surroundings.


Those are the words of Anna Niipale, a 69-year-old woman who decided to literally roll up her sleeves and clean the land that was once bushy and abandoned and turn into a sight to behold.


Niipale, who ventured into fruit and vegetables gardening early after independence, said she started with a small backyard garden, but after the soil started losing its nutrients and production declined, she move to a bigger area.


She narrated that her passion for gardening was triggered after she was unable to meet market prices for fruits and vegetables.



Niipale stated that she does the garden work alone and uses water from an earth dam that is about 1km from her garden when her own earth dams run dry.


While she has largely been successful in producing a variety of vegetables for her family and customers, Niipale indicated that she also faces challenges, such as her produce being stolen by intruders.


“Even if they continue stealing my produce, I will remain motivated and focused on my garden,” she said.


She also has plans to turn her entire mahangu field into a garden to meet her customers’ demands, earn an income and ensure that she is able to create food security.


She appealed to government to assist with providing her with an army fence to keep thieves off her garden.


During an agricultural production project monitoring mission held on Monday by the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Land Reform, the team revealed that so far they have provided Niipale with irrigation drip lines, a water tank and shade nets.


According to James Nzehengwa, Chief Agricultural Scientific Officer, the aim is to see if the objective of the program is met and get farmers perspective on how the program is being implemented and benefiting them.

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