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Hailstorm wreaks havoc at Ongha

Hailstorm wreaks havoc at Ongha

Nathanael Heita


A STRONG wind and a hailstorm wreaked havoc at the Ongha settlement in the Endola constituency of the Ohangwena Region Thursday afternoon.


Trees were uprooted and the roofs of several buildings blown away.
There were, however, thankfully no reports of injuries.


The damaged properties include a church, a private school and several residential buildings, mostly corrugated iron shacks.



Taxi driver Johannes ‘Dollar’ Shiteni said that the tempest started at around 15:00 and lasted less than an hour.


“It was cloudy and we could anticipate a rainfall, but no one could foresee what befell us,” said Shiteni.


Local businessman, popularly known as Small Boss, said that such hailstorms are a re-occurring phenomenon in the area.


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