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Headman asks Queen to investigate her trusted advisor

Headman asks Queen to investigate her trusted advisor

Placido Hilukilwa


A NEW Oukwanyama-Ondonga border dispute erupted after a long simmering disagreement was settled and buried during the 2017 centenary commemoration of King Mandume Ya Ndemufayo’s death.


At the centre of the controversy is trusted adviser to Oukwanyama Queen Martha Mwadinomho Kristian Nelumbu, senior traditional councillor George Nelulu, who was instrumental in the Oukwanyama-Ondonga truce of the Mandume centenary celebrations.


King Mandume is the only African leader declared a national hero in two countries – Angola and Namibia.


Nelulu is in the firing line at a time when the dust of his controversial suspension and reinstatement last year was settling down.


Headman Queen investigate trusted advisor Oukwanyama-Ondonga border dispute 2017 centenary
Pictured: George Nelulu. Photo: Archive


He was suspended in October last year, accused of having “shifted the border” between Ondonga and Oukwanyama with the effect that some homesteads that were previously seen as part of Oukwanyama, now fall under Ondonga.


He was, however, reinstated a month later when Queen Nelumbu distanced herself from the suspension, saying that she never approved it.


She also revealed that her date stamp was “misplaced” for several days, possibly done deliberately to enable a clique within the Oukwanyama Traditional Authority (OuTA) to forge a suspension letter.


In a new turn of events, Ondobe village headman Johannes Mandume Kaulinge earlier this month wrote a letter to Queen Nelumbu saying that the allegations levelled against Nelulu last year were actually true and need a proper investigation.


Nelulu could not be reached for comment, but those close to him confirmed that he is aware of Kaulinge’s letter to Queen Nelumbu and is “already preparing a rebuttal”.


Of late, the OuTA, under Queen Nelumbu, has been characterised by factional infightings and allegations of irregularities.


A number of senior and junior councillors were expelled some years ago, while Nelulu was suspended and reinstated twice.

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