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Heavy Windhoek rains leave more residents flooded

Heavy Windhoek rains leave more residents flooded

Samuel N. Shinedima


FOLLOWING heavy rainfall in the Capital on Saturday afternoon, severe damages to properties have once again been reported.


Unlike the damage to the luxury apartments in Kleine Kuppe earlier this month, this time around the damage was reported at informal settlements that remain the hardest hit in Windhoek after heavy downpours.


A backyard flat at Otjomuise on the outskirts of Windhoek was heavily flooded, leaving the tenants traumatized and without a place to call home until the water subsides.


The distraught tenant said that she left her children at home to visit relatives at around 15:00 when it suddenly started raining heavily.


Video: The flooded Otjomuise backyard flat after the Saturday afternoon rain. Video: Contributed


“It started raining while we were away and we couldn’t drive in the rain, so we decided to wait until the rain stops. While waiting, we received a call from the children that there is water in the house, and that is when we rushed home,” she said.


While flooding for the most part catches Windhoek residents off guard, it has been established that the Otjomuise backyard flat in question has a flooding history, either due to the way it was constructed or the land it was constructed on.


The owner of the property, Tomas Salom, confirmed the recurring flooding of the flat, adding that it has happened at least three times in the past.


“Our first flooding incident was in 2017, while the second one was last year and then again yesterday,” he said.


Salom, however, said the flooding is no fault of his own, nor is it in the design of the structure as the inflow is the result of the main drainage pipes in the street being blocked.


He did admit, however, that he didn’t inform the tenant of the flat’s flooding history as he “didn’t think it a problem as it only happens occasionally when the pipes are blocked.”


Asked whether or not his property is insured against flooding as his tenants lost valuable personal belongs, Salom noted that his house is completely covered and that he is yet to find out from his insurance company about the coverage pertaining to personal belongings.


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