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Blocked waterways make inundations unavailable at Oshakati

Blocked waterways make inundations unavailable at Oshakati

Placido Hilukilwa


THE torrential rains of the past few days have left many residences at Oshakati’s informal settlements surrounded by water, a situation ascribed to poor planning and reckless allocations of land.


Due to limited availability of land, people started building houses and businesses even where such structures block natural waterways.


This causes unnecessary inundations.


Selma Shuudeni, a resident of Evululuko location, said that many streets are currently full of water because “those who are well off” have filled the waterways with sand to be able to build their businesses and their houses.


“They don’t care about us,” she said.


Blocked waterways Oshakati water torrential rains residences informal settlements
BLOCKED: This waterway was blocked by a businessman who filled it with sand as he prepared to put up structures. Photo: Placido Hilukilwa


She further said that the residents are planning to approach the town council to act before it is too late.


The representative of the Uukwambi Traditional Authority in the Oneshila informal settlement, Daniel Kaya, said that community members have complained about people blocking the waterways and requested the town council to intervene, but nothing was done.


“The rainy season has just started. Heavy rains are still ahead of us and the possibility of us being flooded is real because natural waterways are blocked. And this is not new. Inundations are a reoccurring phenomenon in this part of the town, but nothing tangible is done to prevent it,” said Kaya, adding that he was in touch with council officials who assured him that they are hard at work putting up flood mitigation measures.


Council spokesperson Katarina Mari recently said in an interview with Informanté that the council has been busy since December deepening the waterways that run through the town as part of flood mitigation measures.


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