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Brave Warriors playing Tanzania tomorrow

Brave Warriors playing Tanzania tomorrow

Marthina Mutanga

THE Brave Warriors will play against Tanzania tomorrow.


The national team is expected to finish off group action on 27 January against Zambia.


Coach Bobby Samaria said that the Brave Warriors still have a chance in the competition and will have to do well against Tanzania tomorrow.


“We still believe that a positive result will come out of these two games that are lined up,” said Samaria.


Reacting to Tuesday night’s defeat, coach Samaria said the Brave Warriors are still alive.


”If we get a positive result against them (Tanzania), we have a chance going into our final game against Zambia. That’s the message to the boys at the moment. It is still doable, we are still alive” he said.


Namibia conceded two first half goals due to individual errors to effectively end the contest.


Samaria, however, blames himself for the loss.


”You don’t win or lose alone and as the head coach I take the blame for the defeat. The players tried their best and can’t be blamed for that. We planned to win the match, but it sadly turned out badly for us. As the coach I take the blame and will rally my boys for the next match. It was a bad day but we have two more games”, Samaria said.


Namibia and Tanzania have met just three times since the Brave Warriors gained FIFA membership in 1990.


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