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Neckartal Dam overflows for the first time in history

Neckartal Dam overflows for the first time in history

Niël Terblanché


THE Neckartal Dam overflowing is a historic spectacle most Namibians doubted would be their privilege to ever see.


Many others had hope and were astounded when they realised that the moment has arrived much quicker than anyone could have anticipated.


Although it was estimated that the dam would start overflowing at around midnight on Monday, it still had a way to go before water would start running over the spill way.



On Monday afternoon, water was flowing into the dam at a rate of 4.084 million cubic metres per hour.


The inflow declined significantly overnight and by sunrise the dam was still at 98.88% full and the water level was only centimetres away from running over the spillway.


The bulk of the water released from the Hardap Dam is still expected to start running into the Neckartal Dam and when it does, water will start cascading down the spill way in spectacular fashion.


The dam will keep overflowing if and when heavy rains in the catchment areas of the various rivers continue feeding it.


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