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Neckartal Dam overflow imminent

Neckartal Dam overflow imminent

Niël Terblanché


THE Emergency Preparedness Plan of the Neckartal Dam will be implemented soon to safeguard communities living downstream of Namibia’s newest and largest dam against possible effects of flooding.


The emergency plan will kick into action because a large mass of water is going to start flowing over the spillway and a sustained flood below the dam’s wall is imminent.


The Neckartal Dam does not have floodgates which mean that the overflow cannot be controlled and that the mass of water expected to rush down the Fish River towards the Orange River may cause problems for communities.


Earlier this afternoon the huge dam was slowly approaching its full capacity and the water is expected to start flowing over the spillway any time between 00:00 tonight and 06:00 tomorrow morning.


Neckartal Dam Emergency Preparedness Plan safeguard Namibia
FILLED TO THE BRIM: The Neckartal Dam is near the point where a huge mass of water is going to start flowing over its spillway.


It is estimated that the overflow rate will be approximately 1100 cubic metres per second.


At the last measurement, it was determined that 4.084 million cubic metres of water per hour were flowing into the dam pushing the water level well beyond the 95% mark.


The bulk of the water currently flowing into the Neckartal Dam comes from the Hardap Dam where the floodgates have been opened to release excess water to keep Mariental from being inundated with floodwater since last Tuesday.


Although the water released from the Hardap Dam reached the Neckartal Dam on Saturday, the largest volume of water has not completed the journey of more than 250 kilometres yet.


Namibia’s newest and largest dam only needs 84 million cubic metres of water to reach its full capacity of 857 billion litres.


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