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Unprecedented access granted

Unprecedented access granted

Niël Terblanché


PEOPLE in their hundreds flocked to the Neckertal Dam to witness the wonder of billions of litres of water that gathered behind its wall over the past three weeks.


NamWater announced on Sunday that it will grant access to members of the general public to see what only a few others have seen with special permission from officials.


The gates to the dam opened at 14:00 and will close again at 19:00 and all visitors were warned that strict health measures will be in force. Visitors were also not allowed to take any alcohol with them onto the premises of the dam.



Strict safety measures had to be enforced to keep people from going into unsafe areas while at the dam.


At 12:00 the dam reached a level of 87.4% while water is still flowing into the dam at more than 700 cubic metres per second.


By the time people were allowed to view the dam for themselves the level in the dam was nearing to 90% level.


Any Informanté readers that visited the Neckertal Dam on Sunday are requested to post their pictures in the comments below.


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