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Mass of rainwater threatens Oshakati

Mass of rainwater threatens Oshakati

Placido Hilukilwa


RESIDENTS of Oshakati and surrounding villages are preparing themselves for the possible flooding of their houses as the water channels started to swell following heavy rains in the Ohangwena Region.


A mass of water is flowing in the Okatana waterway and has reached the outskirts of the Oshoopala informal settlement of Oshakati, sending residents into a panic mode. Some have started packing their belongings to prepare for possible evacuation.


However, the water is moving slowly, filling up empty oshanas before flowing to the next.


Oshakati villages possible flooding houses
PENDING FLOOD: Oshoopala location resident, Simon, was standing on dry land at around 17:20, but without moving a foot, he found himself standing in the water 10 minutes later as the Okatana waterway continued to fill up. – Photo: Placido Hilukilwa.


Oshakati town council spokesperson, Katarina Kamari, said that the town council is well prepared this time around.


She said that the town council has since December been busy deepening the waterways that run throughout the town to ensure that the rainwater drains smoothly through the town without flooding residential and business areas.


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