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Dishonest father blamed for funeral debacle

Dishonest father blamed for funeral debacle

Placido Hilukilwa


ULEINGE Wilhelm, the man who was recently filmed walking to the cemetery at Oshikuku in the Omusati Region carrying a shovel and a box containing the body of a stillborn baby, has launched a scathing attack on the father of his sister’s baby, calling him “negligent” and “dishonest”.


“He promised money to assist with the burial and also promised that his relatives would travel to Oshikuku, but those were all false promises. As we waited I kept inquiring, but he eventually switched off his cellphone, so we had no alternative other than going ahead with the burial,” said Wilhelm.


Without mentioning his brother-in-law’s name, Wilhelm said: “He is negligent, one of those dishonest men… even his current whereabouts is not certain.”



Wilhelm had to interrupt his vacation at Onheleiwa village near the Namibia-Angola border to return to the cemetery at Oshikuku to assist his younger sister Veronika Kunomalenga Wilhelm to bury her stillborn baby.


Having informed hospital authorities that they cannot afford a coffin, they were allowed to use a box as a coffin.


Wilhelm said that those at the mortuary initially refused to release the body in the absence of the baby’s father, but after much pleading, the hospital managers intervened and gave the green light.


“We were given the body placed in a box and were told to pick up a shovel at the gate of the hospital as we walked to the cemetery where we would find someone to direct us. However, we found no one there. I spoke to people sitting in a nearby office who told us to proceed into the cemetery where an assistant would direct us. We found no one and I returned to what appeared to be a church office where I was told that, under such circumstances, I can just choose any spot to dip the grave. That is what we did,” he said.


Wilhelm said that he was shocked very much when he discovered that they were filmed secretly, by someone sitting in a vehicle parked nearby, and the video uploaded on social media.


“I do not even remember seeing any stationary vehicle in the vicinity,” said Wilhelm.


The Ministry of Health has since the incident promised to exhume the body and give the baby a dignified burial, but Wilhelm says that he was not yet contacted by anyone from Government.

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