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Rarely seen spectacle

Rarely seen spectacle

Niël Terblanché


STORMWATER in a mountain stream in the mountains to the south of Windhoek filled an earth dam on a farm to the point of overflowing and created a spectacle rarely seen by most Namibians.


The mass of water flowed in a ravine down the steep Auas Mountains after heavy rains fell in around Windhoek for a third consecutive day.


It was reported that the heavy rains of the past few days washed away similar dams on other farms in the Khomas Hochland.


Stormwater again inundated the streets of the capital and caused further damage to homes and businesses in the city.



Several cars were washed against fences and in some cases, boundary walls collapsed while more homes were inundated with floodwater.


It was reported that pipes beneath the streets were so full of stormwater that sewage pushed back through toilets into the homes of people living in the lower-lying areas of Windhoek.


According to the Namibia Meteorological Service, the widespread heavy rains will persist in the Otjozondjupa, Khomas, Hardap, and Omaheke regions.


Residents of Namibia and especially those living in Windhoek were again warned that flash floods are likely to occur and that they should take the necessary precautions to safeguard their homes and their lives.


With regard to the general weather forecast, the meteorological service stated that partly cloudy and hot weather conditions can be expected in the northwest and central-north with sporadic rain showers.


Elsewhere in Namibia, partly cloudy and warm to hot weather conditions with isolated thundershowers can be expected.


Residents of the coastal areas can expect partly cloudy and cool to warm weather conditions with some rain showers over the central and southern parts.


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