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AR and SPYL square off over land grabs

AR and SPYL square off over land grabs

Zorena Jantze


THE Affirmative Repositioning (AR) movement has responded to claims by the Swapo Party Youth League (SPYL) that the AR has instigated anarchism and land grabbing in the country after close to 500 Windhoek residents tried to illegally occupy land in Otjomuise over the past weekend.


In a statement, Ephraim Nekongo, SPYL Secretary, said that since 2014, a group of people organised by the current Mayor of the City of Windhoek and AR Activist-In-Chief, Job Amupanda, have been advocating for illegal land occupation and prevented law enforcement agencies to carry out their duties.


Nekongo further stated that it is common knowledge that the land grabbing under the leadership of AR was taking place at the time when the Swapo Party was leading the Windhoek council.


“Throughout the land-grabbing organised and spearheaded by AR, the progressive SPYL had advised against lawlessness. Therefore, as a responsible progressive movement, we continue to advise against lawlessness. The narrative that the recent land-grabbing event is a Swapo Party tactic is a premature political wishful thinking,” he said.


Nekongo added that the AR-led council should deal with the anarchy that they have conceived, gave birth to, and natured over the years and not to try and find a political ghost to place the blame on.


“They are the parents of lawlessness in this country. They are the guardian of anarchy in our country, they shielded those who they organised to grab land in order to set the people against Swapo Party,” Nekongo said.


He further suggested that the AR-led council should tell the nation whether or not someone was behind them when they carried out land grabbing activities when the Swapo Party was at the helm of the council.


In response, Amupanda took personal digs at Nekongo and called him a “sex maniac.”


“AR has been alerted, and subsequently saw, the statement by the South West Africa Sex maniac Ephriam Nekongo who attempting to enter the land debate by apportioning blame to the AR movement following their failed attempts to sabotage the leadership to the City of Windhoek,” said Amupanda.


He added that while the AR does not generally dignify “idiots” with responses, given the “intellectual kilometres between the activists of the AR movement and the South West Africa Harambe Choir (SPYL) zombies”, it was important to offer clarity on the matter.


“We write to inform the South West Africa Sex Maniac Nekongo who is suffering from serious Intellectual Covid, we know him, his handlers and his incapacity. We would like to advise Nekongo that the land and housing question is serious and he must also take it seriously and must never use it for political gimmicks,” he said.


Amupanda added: “We particularly advise Nekongo to take the urban land question seriously because his 10 children from 10 different mothers will face the same challenges the present generation. The Activist-In-Chief is working hard to ensure that Nekongo’s children have a better future and do not face the same challenge. This is something that Nekongo and his corrupt party, South West Africa failed to do over the past 30 years of independence,” Amupanda concluded.


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