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Kleine Kuppe homes damaged

Kleine Kuppe homes damaged

Niël Terblanché


SEVERAL residents of a cluster housing complex in the Kleine Kuppe residential area of Windhoek sustained damage to their homes when a boundary wall broke under pressure from rushing stormwater.


Heavy rains over Windhoek caused stormwater to rush down the hill on which the complex causing the boundary wall to collapse.


  • Kleine Kuppe homes damaged residential Windhoek


Garage doors manufactured out of thin aluminium plates were no match for the torrent that entered the complex. Several of the doors were bent out of shape while water rushed through several houses causing even more damage.


The flooding of the cluster housing complex occurred after the management of the City of Windhoek issued a notice on Friday in which residents are warned that heavy rains will fall at the start of the week and that damage and even injury or death might be the result.


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