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Missing Mandela mystery deepens

Missing Mandela mystery deepens

Niël Terblanché


THE search for the three-year-old Spencer Mandela Nakale has moved to the rocky shoreline north of Lüderitz after he was tracked to Aeroplane Bay almost a week after he disappeared without a trace.


The community of Lüderitz assisted by various units of the Namibian Police and the police helicopter have been searching relentlessly for the little boy that was last seen alive on Tuesday while in the company of other children from the Area 7 location of the harbour town.


Dogs have also been used in an effort to trace the little boy and according to members of the community that are still actively searching for him, the little boy was traced to Aeroplane Bay.


“The K-9 dog arrived in Lüderitz on Monday morning and was taken to the spot where Mandela was last seen. The dog guided us from there through Amilema going down to Nautilus. We continued to Wesco going around Bricks and Blocks ended up at Aeroplane Bay where it seems the boy’s footprints and smell stopped,” a community member said.


Pictured: Spencer Mandela Nakale. Photo: File


The search with the sniffer dog was done again a few hours later and this time it started at the house where the little boy was staying with his mother and cousins.


“The dog again guided us to Aeroplane Bay where the first search ended. Mandela’s footprints end at Aeroplane Bay,” the community member said.


As a result, the search party concluded that the little boy somehow ended up in the cold water of the Atlantic Ocean or that he was abducted from the beach by someone who picked him up and carried him away.


In this regard, a member of the community along with police officers will use a small boat to search the beaches and rocky outcrops north of Aeroplane Bay to see if Mandela’s body possibly washed up on the shore.


Member of the community, however, stated that they are still full of hope to find the little boy alive.


Anyone with information about little Mandela’s whereabouts is requested to urgently contact his parents at 081 695 4974 (mother) and 081 219 3691 (father), or the acting Regional Crime Investigations Coordinator Chief Inspector Kotungondo at 081 355 1422, or Detective Warrant Officer Kenahama at 081 317 6432, or the nearest Police Station.

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