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Man kills his relative in Angola

Man kills his relative in Angola

Maria David


A 23-year-old man is currently under the care of his relatives after he allegedly killed the 25-year-old Wedeinge Jeremiah at a shebeen in Angola after drinking heavily on New Year’s Eve pending formal requests by the Angolan authorities.


Omusati Regional Commander, Commissioner Titus Shikongo said the incident occurred at Best Bar in the Okakwa location of the Epumbulile village in the Cunene Province approximately 700 meters from the Namibia-Angola border.


According to Shikongo, the two went to socialize at shebeens inside Angola through illegal border crossing where they were consuming alcohol with others.


“The suspect got drunk and started behaving rudely towards the deceased prompting the deceased to slap the suspect with an open hand,” he said.


Man kills relative Angola killed Wedeinge Jeremiah shebeen drinking New Year’s Eve
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Shikongo added that the suspect then ran back home into Namibia and took a traditional knife (omukonda) then went back into Angola to the bar where a physical fight between the two men ensued.


According to Shikongo, the fight resulted in the deceased person getting stabbed in the chest and him dying on the spot.


“The crime scene was attended by the Angolan Police from Namakunde, who subsequently handed the body over to relatives,” he noted.


Shikongo said that the body was then repatriated after relevant arrangements were done with Namibian Authorities via the Wakasamane border post.


The matter is being investigated by Angolan Police because the crime was committed in that country.


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