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Curfew increases over speeding

Curfew increases over speeding

Nathanael Heita


OVERSPEEDING has become a common offence on Namibian roads as travellers chase home to abide by the curfew regulations currently in force.


Several road users, mostly taxi drivers, revealed that sometimes they are forced by circumstances to choose between travelling at high speed to reach their destination before 21:00 or risk spending the night at a police roadblock.


Taxi driver Johannes Kove says he transports commuters on the route between Ondangwa and Oshikango and sometimes finds himself forced to drive well above the set speed limit to avoid spending the night away from his family.


“Spending the night at a police checkpoint is hard to explain to my wife. The forced stop at a roadblock is also an inconvenience for my customers,” he said adding that the choice is actually tough because driving above the speed limit is not only a violation of the traffic law, but it increases the risk of getting involved in bad motor vehicle accidents.


Namibian roads travellers curfew regulations
Picture by Nathanael Heita

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