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Demonstrators demand Wakudumo dismissal

Demonstrators demand Wakudumo dismissal

Placido Hilukilwa & Maria David


INHABITANTS of the Kavango East Region, who staged a peaceful demonstration at Rundu Tuesday afternoon, gave President Hage Geingob an ultimatum to remove Regional Governor Bonifatius Wakudumo by or before January 16, 2021.


In a petition handed to Wakudumo and to the chairperson of the regional council, Damian Mambayi, the protesters threatened to take to the streets again and possibly take matters into their own hands by closing the governor’s office should the president fail to meet their deadline.


The inhabitants of Kavango East were irked by alleged cases of nepotism involving the governor.



In a petition, the spokesperson of Kavango East Concerned Group, Petersen Kambinda, said they were disappointed because the Chinese businessman Xie was appointed as an exclusive Commercial and Development Advisor to the Office of the Kavango East Governor and Chairperson of the Kavango East Chamber for Development (KECD).


“We know for a fact that before one considers to look for expatriates or foreigners, we have first to see that we the local doesn’t have that specific skill,” he said.


Kambinda indicated that Wakudumo knew that the appointment of Xie was unlawful and unpatriotic and added that the regional governor proved himself to be unfit to lead.


“It is vividly clear that Governor Wakudumo has no clue about the legal framework pertaining to his work,” said Kambinda, adding that Wakudumo has become a sell-out in the region because of his connections. The people also accused the governor of being an imperialist agent.


However, Wakudumo withdrew the appointment of Xie on Monday amid a noisy public outcry and questions about whether a governor possesses a legal competency to make such appointments.


Wakudumo said in a statement that he received numerous calls and messages with both positive and negative criticisms regarding “the noble idea” of putting up an advisory committee to advise the governor and his decision to appoint Xie to such a committee.


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