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Curfew curbs crime

Curfew curbs crime

Marthina Mutanga


THE curfew that was implemented last week is helping to curb crimes such as housebreaking, and robbery while motor vehicle accidents have also decreased as a result of the restriction on the movement of people at night.


The head of the Namibian Police’s Public Relations Division, Deputy Commissioner Kauna Shikwambi said that most communities are adhering to the curfew. She added that officers, in some cases where people did not comply with the regulations, were obliged to intervene and arrest people.


“These people were taken to the various police stations and were all issued with warnings,” she said.


Pictured: Deputy Commissioner, Kauna Shikwambi. Photo: File


Shikwambi added that there were also a few bars and night clubs that did not abide by the rules. She said that the situation has been rectified since police patrols have been going around to ensure that regulations are followed.


“We need a good relationship with the community and we are educating people on what is happening in the country by going around and informing them about the curfew,” Shikwambi said.


Shikwambi said that a concerning trend is the number of rape cases that are reported countrywide. She said during the past long weekend four cases where children were the victims were reported to the Namibian Police.


She advised parents and guardians to be careful about the people they allow into their homes and to be extra vigilant around their children especially during the curfew hours.


According to Shikwambi, law enforcement patrols were deployed to make sure that people comply with the curfew hours from 21:00 in the evenings to 04:00 in the mornings. She said that in some instances people travelling between towns have been pulled off the road and asked to wait until the curfew hours have passed before they were allowed to continue on their journeys.


Although not as prominent as what it was during the State of Emergency, combined crime prevention patrols consisting of members of the Namibian Police, Namibia Defence Force, Namibia Correctional Services, Windhoek City Police, and other stakeholders in the fight against crime have been active since the start of the Festive Season.


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