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Region lost a treasure

Region lost a treasure

Maria David


COMMANDER, fast-thinker, observer, a strategical and visionary leader were the words used to describe the late Inspector of Education of the Oshakati circuit in Oshana region Nikodemus Amupolo better known as “Niko”, who passed on Thursday at the Oshakati Intermediate Hospital.


Mourners from all four corners of the country gathered at Iipumbu and Onawa Secondary Schools hall to pay their last respect to a fallen hero of education.


Oshana Education Director, Hileni Amukana, said the region has indeed lost a go-getter, a man of plans and action when it comes to the ministry of education, arts, and culture.


“We lost a person with energy in the region and has left us with a high level of energy which should not be lost,” said Amukana.


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She remembered the late Amupolo as a man that never bought faces when it comes to decision making but he made decisions in the interest of the Namibian child.


Omusati regional education directorate Chief Inspector, Shali Kankondi said the news of his death was and still is shocking that they have not heard of late Amupolo’s sickness whatsoever.


“Niko’s death is devastating to the core to all of us in Omusati region, especially that the region just lost a former colleague and late education director Laban Shapange in an almost similar way,” said Kankondi.


According to him, Niko was a brilliant fast thinking, and energetic leader with enthusiasm and a high level of competency.


“He was one of the best teacher leaders and educators in implementing ministerial programmes. He carried out his responsibilities and tasks as assigned to him with such enthusiasm and tactical dedication,” he noted.


Amupolo’s widow Ndapewa Amupolo, said that her late husband was a family man that, who mostly took the responsibilities of their house upon his shoulder.


“We were to celebrate our 10 years anniversary in marriage, but little did I know that all the plans we had made were our last ones,” she said.


Amupolo who died at the age of 42, leaves behind his wife and three children.


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