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It will be dark before it gets dark

It will be dark before it gets dark

Niël Terblanché


The last solar eclipse of 2020 will occur in about an hour and Namibians living at the coast will be some of the only people in Africa that will be able to observe the moon moving in front of the sun.


The full effect of the moon blocking part of the setting sun can be viewed at 19: 54 CAT (17:54 GMT).


solar eclipse 2020 Namibians coast Africa


The eclipse will cause the setting sun in Namibia to darken before night falls.


From the Namibian coast, people will only be able to see a partial solar eclipse while the phenomenon will be seen as a full eclipse over South America.


Readers who are able to view and take photos of the last solar eclipse of 2020 are requested to post their pictures in the comments below.


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