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Man mutilates woman during panga attack

Man mutilates woman during panga attack

Maria David


THE 27-year-old Niita Kandjafa was nearly beheaded and dismembered when her boyfriend, the 35-year-old Ignatius Tumeni Nampweya, viciously attacked the mother of his child with a panga at their home in Onamatanga Village near Rundu.


According to the Omusati Regional Police Commander, Commissioner Titus Shikongo, the barbaric attack occurred at about 20:00 on Tuesday evening when the couple returned from a drinking session at cuca shops in the vicinity of their homestead.


“It is alleged that the suspect followed the victim and forcefully dragged her from her grandmother’s house before he attacked her with the panga. The victim sustained severe injuries to her head, neck, and arms. Her head and both arms were nearly severed from her body during the brutal attack,” he said.


woman panga attack Niita Kandjafa dismembered boyfriend Ignatius Tumeni Nampweya
Picture for illustrative purposes only – Pixabay


According to Commissioner Shikongo, Nampweya then fled the scene of the barbaric attack.


He said the lifeless body of the attacker was later found hanging from a tree. The attacker used a piece of steel wire to hang himself from a tree in the family’s mahangu field.


Commissioner Shikongo said that a preliminary investigation into the brutal murder found that the couple, who normally lived in the same house, had an argument earlier on Tuesday. He indicated that the suspect went to the cuca shops after the argument and that the woman joined him later.


“They started quarrelling again on their way home and the woman decided to go to her grandmother’s house because she feared for her own safety. She was attacked shortly afterward when the man came looking for her,” he said.


He indicated that the bodies of the couple were transported to the Okahao police mortuary for further handling.


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