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Donate blood and save lives

Donate blood and save lives

Maria David


CURRENTLY, the Blood Transfusion Service of Namibia is experiencing a critical shortage of blood and urgently needs people to donate blood to save lives this festive season.


The Namibian Blood Transfusion Services has launched local blood donation drives around the country because the demand for blood is higher than ever as a result of the restrictive measures introduced to curb the spread of COVID-19.


In Namibia, the bloodstock levels have declined because regular blood donors staying away from transfusion drives to avoid infection.


Blood Transfusion Service Namibia shortage donate blood


Donating blood is safe, simple, and it saves lives. Blood donors have a unique opportunity to contribute to the safety of their communities by making a life-saving blood donation.


NamBTs supervisor for Donor Recruitment and Public Relation, Titus Shivute, said since March this year, they have been experiencing insufficient blood supply due to the COVID-19n outbreaks.


“Most of the educational centres where our teams go were unable to set up, due to strict measures that were put in place,” he said.


Shivute stated that it’s a very important season for blood donors to donate blood as it’s a crucial period to collect sufficient blood before everybody jets off for the festive season.


Shivute indicated that the blood supply is running low and demand remains high during this season as it is used for emergencies and for patients’ indie need of blood.


The next local blood drive will be held from Monday to Saturday at various points in the country.


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