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Another person close to Nujoma tests positive for COVID-19

Another person close to Nujoma tests positive for COVID-19

Maria David


MORE people close to the family of Founding President Sam Nujoma might test positive for COVID-19 after an eighth person, who works in close proximity to them, also tested positive.


The number of positive cases might increase even further as more people who work in the office of Nujoma, are expected to undergo testing.


The personal physician of the Founding President, Dr. Tshali Iithete, said that Nujoma’s condition has improved to such an extent that he has been moved from the high care facility to a general ward in the hospital where he was admitted on Sunday.


Nujoma tests positive COVID-19 Founding President Sam


“The Founding Father is not being kept in any quarantine facilities or Intensive Care Unit, but is currently in a general ward,” he said.


Dr. Iithete said that Nujoma, because of his advanced age, will be kept in hospital for close observation for the time being.


He added that the founding President might be discharged when his clinical condition improves further and the plan is to move him to his farm where his health will still be closely monitored.


Dr. Iithete also said that the former First Lady of Namibia, Kovambo Nujoma has tested negative for COVID-19.


He said Meekulu Kovambu is currently staying with one of her daughters where her health is also closely monitored.


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