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Namibia must focus on conservation agriculture

Namibia must focus on conservation agriculture

Maria David


NAMIBIA has embarked on a new farming methodology that will ensure farmers adapt to climate change, through the National Conservation Agriculture.


Conservation agriculture is based on three principles which are to minimize soil disturbance, permanent organic soil cover, and crop rotation or intercropping.


This form of agriculture can be practised manually or mechanically.


Speaking during a forum held at Oshakati, Director of Agricultural Production, Extension and Engineering Services, Mildred Kambinda said it’s no secret that Namibia is most hit by climate change and experiences severe high temperatures which resulted in them focusing on National Conversation Agriculture.



Kambinda said that About 13 000 farmers are targeted to implement at least one of the three principles of National Conversation Agriculture.


“The NCAF continue to mobilize resources and partner with stakeholder to create the resilience of farmers to climate change in Namibia,” she said.


The forum was attended by lead farmers from Oshana, Ohangwena, Kunene, Kavango West, and East regions.


One of the lead farmers, Maria Nangolo from the Ohangwena region said the knowledge she acquired through the course in conservation agriculture has given her the opportunity to train about 48 other people.


Nangolo said she was able to get experience in the new methodology of farming and moving away from the traditional farming system.


Another farmer Petrus Mathias from the Kunene region said they are able to understand the new farming method which improves production.


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