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Freak storm destroys buildings in Ariamsvlei

Freak storm destroys buildings in Ariamsvlei

Niël Terblanché


CONSUMER goods crossing the border at Ariamsvlei will be delayed for a few days after a freak storm ripped roofs off buildings and interrupted power supply to key installations at the small settlement.


Strong winds ripped the roof off the building of the Namibian Clearing Agency (NCA) and interrupted electricity supply to the offices of the Namibia Customs and Excise department.


Long-distance transport trucks have already been delayed at border crossing point after the South African government introduced a curfew that prohibits people from moving around between 22:00 and 04:00 at night. The curfew has already caused a delay in vital supplies reaching Namibia from its southern neighbour on time.



Computer equipment in the offices of NCA was damaged by a heavy rain shower after the roof was blown off.


All communication with the border post was also cut for several hours after the freak storm wreaked havoc.


Besides strong winds, a heavy downpour of rain also occurred. During the thunderstorm hailstones, some as large as tennis balls, fell from the thunder clouds and in some cases caused some damage to property and vehicles such as trucks.


The sudden strong downpour also caused the normally dry plains surrounding Ariamsvlei to become inundated with water that flowed ankle-deep in the direction of the Orange River to the south of the border post.

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