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ECN casts doubt on LPM support base

ECN casts doubt on LPM support base

Eba Kandovazu


THE Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) is getting ready to file an urgent application with the Electoral Court to have a rerun of the regional council and local authority elections in some areas in the south after serious procedural errors were discovered.


This was today confirmed by Theo Mujoro, Chief Electoral officer, who said the rerun in the Koes and Aroab local authorities, as well as the Stampriet and Mariental Rural constituencies were necessitated by the discovery that wrong ballot papers in those areas were used during the elections last week Wednesday, 25 November 2020.


The official results for those areas have not yet been declared by Namibia’s electoral commission.


“There was a mix up in the manner in which the papers were packed in metal boxes and even at the distribution point, boxes that were meant for other areas were mixed up,” said Mujoro.


Electoral Commission of Namibia ECN Electoral Court application
MIX-UP: ECN Chief Electoral Officer Theo Mujoro, photo by Informanté.


Mujoro added that the ECN is currently looking into taking liability and negligence actions against the presiding officers in the affected areas, but that no decision has yet been made.


The Chief Electoral officer added that the hearing of their application will take place in the next few days and that if granted, another voting process will take place at the identified areas.


“We don’t want the entire process of nominations repeated, we are just looking into a repeat of the actual voting process with the same political parties that took part during these specific elections. Everything else was above board,” Mujoro further explained.


The possible rerun of regional council and local authority elections at Koes and Aroab, both in the //Kharas Region, as well as Stampriet and Mariental Rural, both situated in the Hardap Region, will most likely affect the Landless People’s Movement (LPM), where the young opposition party is currently wrestling to take full control.


In the Mariental local authority, the LPM is leading after it received 1,726 votes or 4 seats out of the total 2,954 votes cast, while the Swapo party received 2 seats (906 votes), Independent Patriots for Change (IPC) received 1 seat (180 votes), the Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) received 0 seats (83 votes) and Republican Party of Namibia (RP) received 0 seats (59 votes).


Informanté is reliably informed that the leader of the LPM, Bernadus Swartbooi was made aware of the application last night and that his party is currently convening to strategise the way forward.


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