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Tsumkwe about to receive electricity

Tsumkwe about to receive electricity

Staff Reporter


The provision of electricity in the Tsumkwe area in the Otjozondjupa region will improve the quality of life of the community as will be evidenced by improved health, increased trade by small businesses, and decreased crime rates.


Central North Regional Electricity Distributor (CENORED) public relations officer, Charlie Matengu said this rural electrification project for the constituency was officially launched to supply 400 households with electricity in the area of Tsumkwe.


Matengu noted that CENORED has joined forces with the Ministry of Mines and Energy to carry out a rural electrification project for the constituency.



According to Matengu, the project is funded by the ministry, and CENORED is tasked to construct the power lines from Maroelaboom through Mkata village to Mangetti Dune for now and this project will be completed by the end of May 2021.


The project is expected to cost over N$40 million for approximately 125 kilometres of power lines from the Maroelaboom Police Station near Grootfontein.


In the meantime, government buildings and community members in the Tsumkwe Constituency are using solar panels and diesel-powered generators as sources of electricity said Matengu.


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